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WITH $2000 going to the winner of the New South Wales Demolition Derby Championship this Saturday night (October 28) at Hessions Auto Parts Grafton Speedway, there will be plenty of carnage.

This will be one of the richest bash and crash events ever held in the history of Australian Speedway and at last report the entry numbers continue to climb.

With upward of 30 cars ready for action, this will certainly be one of the strongest fields for a demolition derby ever assembled at the Grafton Speedway venue.

Promoter David Lander said this week the numbers have exceeded all expectations – and he is even expecting a few additional entries to turn up on the day.

“This has been great,” he said in relation to the overwhelming response.

“Sometimes it is a bit difficult to get a good field together and I know at times in the past, even ten cars would be considered a good entry list at some Australian tracks.

“But it is not the case this time and I want to thank everyone who has got behind the 2017 New South Wales Demolition Derby Championship.”

The real attraction for entrants is the prize money on offer.

The winner gets $2000 and that equates to excellent money on an hourly rate. Even the driver who is judged the most spectacular will pocket $500.

Demolition Derby officials are also pleased to report they are not only delighted with the amount of entries, but do not expect any problems as far as safety rules and regulations are concerned.

A spokesman said the safety standards are set out very clearly in documentation that goes with the nomination form.

Meanwhile, Lander is expecting that, with so many cars entered, he will need to set aside extra time in his programme event scheduling Saturday night to accommodate the demolition derby.

“We also have a speedway racing programme to get through with several categories involved. We always try to conduct a slick running schedule, but that is ultra important this coming Saturday night in order to devote plenty of time to the demolition derby so that everything conforms with our time curfews for meetings at the ground.”

First race on the massive variety programme commences at 6PM.


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