Title: NSW National 4’s Championship – Demo Derby
When: March 8th, 2014
Category: event

Litre Sprints, Limited Sedans, Street Stocks,  Junior Sedans, SP Sedans.

Gates open @ 3pm Racing starts @ 6pm

Result of the event "NSW National 4’s Championship – Demo Derby"

SP Sedans

Heat 1:  1st David Mortimer,  2nd Glenn Wilmott,  3rd Gary Kivela

Heat 2:  1st Bob Ware,  2nd Gary Kivela,  3rd David Mortimer

Heat 3:  1st David Mortimer,  2nd Glenn Wilmott,  3rd Bob Ware

Feature:  1st Bob Ware,  2nd David Mortimer,  3rd Les Eisenmenger


Limited Sedans

Heat 1:  1st Ivan Polson,  2nd Graham O’Driscoll,  3rd Denis Nall

Heat 2:  1st Denis Nall,  2nd Ivan Polsen,  3rd Mick O’Driscoll

Heat 3:  1st Denis Nall,  2nd Chris Polsen,  3rd Ivan Polson

Feature:  1st Denis Nall,  2nd Ivan Polson,  3rd John English


Junior Sedans

Heat 1:  1st Chris Corbett,  2nd Josh Rose,  3rd Aiden Weir

Heat 2:  1st Josh Rose,  2nd Chris Corbett,  3rd Aiden Weir

Feature:  1st Sam Weir,  2nd Chris Corbett,  3rd Josh Rose


Street Stocks

Heat 1:  1st Steve Stubbs,  2nd Ryan Green,  3rd Geoff Rose

Heat 2:  1st Aaron Ackerley,  2nd Geoff Rose,  3rd Ryan Green

Feature:  1st Steve Stubbs,  2nd Aaron Ackerley,  3rd Ryan Green


Litre Sprints

Heat 1:  1st Ethan Eyears,  2nd Kurt Wilson,  3rd Craig Transton

Heat 2:  1st Kurt Wilson,  2nd Craig Transton,  3rd Trent Schofield

Feature:  1st Kurt Wilson,  2nd Trent Schofield,  3rd Justin Pirlo


National 4’s NSW Title

Heat 1:  1st Trent Dhu,  2nd Brodie King,  3rd Frank Packer

Heat 2:  1stAaron Barnes,  2nd Brock Armstrong,  3rd Matthew Layton

Heat 3:  1st Brodie King,  2nd Trent Dhu,  3rd Matthew Layton

Heat 4:  1st Luke Watt,  2nd Andrew Butcher-Plim,  3rd Aaron Knox

Heat 5:  1st Ray Healey,  2nd Frank Packer,  3rd Trent Dhu

Heat 6:  1st Aaron Barnes,  2nd Andrew Butcher-Plim,  3rd Luke Watt

Feature:  1st Trent Dhu,  2nd Brock Armstrong,  3rd Andrew Butcher-Plim




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