Title: Modlite Battery Barn 1000 – Litre Sprints Easter Cup – Wingless Sprints 40 Lap Easter Trail
When: April 3rd, 2015
Category: event

AMCA Nationals, Limited Sedans, SP Sedans, Junior Sedans


Gates open @ 3pm Racing starts @ 6pm

Result of the event "Modlite Battery Barn 1000 – Litre Sprints Easter Cup – Wingless Sprints 40 Lap Easter Trail"
SP Sedans Division 1
Heat 1 1st Glenn Willmontt 2nd Dave Mortimer 3rd Colin Morris
Heat 2 1st David Mortimer 2nd Colin Morris 3rd Bob Ware
SP Sedans Division 2
Heat 1 1st Neil Crawford 2nd Merv Price 3rd Ben Robertson
Heat 2 1st Ben Harris 2nd Scott Taylor 3rd Ben Robertson
Limited Sedans
Heat 1 1st Graham O'Driscol 2nd Ivan Polson 3rd Michael O'Driscol
Heat 2 1st Ivan Polson 2nd Michael O'Driscol 3rd Daryl Corbett
Litre Sprints
Heat 1 1st Jordan Binskin 2nd Mitchell Randell 3rd Ethan Eyears
Heat 2 1st Matt Geering 2nd Jordan Binskin 3rd Shane Cooper
Junior Sedans
Heat 1 1st Brady Haynes 2nd Aiden Weir 3rd Sam Weir
Modlites & Classics
Heat 1 1st Jamie McHugh 2nd Lachlan McHugh 3rd Nathan Politich
Heat 2 1st Kevin Britten 2nd Tery Leerentveld 3rd Jarod Steen
Heat 3 1st William Butler 2nd Jamie McHugh 3rd Lachlan McHugh
Heat 4 1st Kevin Britten 2nd Jarod Steen 3rd Wayne Donaldson
AMCA Nationals
Heat 1 1st Tony Blanch 2nd Jason Molle 3rd Paul reeves
Heat 2 1st Shane Newstead 2nd Nathan Battersby 3rd Darren Cowan
Wingless Sprints
Heat 1 1st Aaron Ackerley 2nd Matthew Wright 3rd Mark Connolly
Heat 2 1st Warren King 2nd Adam Bailey 3rd Murray Cross
Meeting finnished early due to heavy rain
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