Title: V8 Dirt Modified
When: October 24th, 2015

Street Stocks, Junior Sedans, AMCA Nationals, Wingless Sprints, Limited Sedans, National 4’s, Production Sedans.


Gates open 3pm      Racing @ 6pm

Result of the event "V8 Dirt Modified"
Junior Sedans
Heat 1 1st Sam Wier 2nd Brady Haynes 3rd Nikki Youngberry
Heat 2 1st Sam Wier 2nd Nikki Youngverry 3rd Brady Haynes
Heat 3 1st Nikki Youngverry 2nd Sam Wier 3rd Matt Wier
Feature 1st Sam Wier 2nd Nikki Youngverry 3rd Matt Wier
National 4's
Heat 1 1st Trent Dhu 2nd Luke Watt 3rd Gerry Flood
Heat 2 1st Trent Dhu 2nd Luke Watt 3rd Ben Scully
Heat 3 1st Luke Watt 2nd Ben Scully 3rd Trent Dhu
feature 1st Ben Scully 2nd Luke Watt 3rd Trent Dhu
Street Stocks
Heat 1 1st Marley Weller 2nd Craig Mallett 3rd Brock Armstrong
Heat 2 1st Chris Corbett 2nd Dale Corbett 3rd Marley Weller
Heat 3 1st Chris Corbett 2nd Marley Weller 3rd Craig Mallett
Feature 1st Marley Weller 2nd Dale Corbett 3rd Craig Mallett
Wingless Sprints
Heat 1 1st Warren King 2nd David Eggins 3rd Adam Bailey
Heat 2 1st Murray Cross 2nd Kevin Willis 3rd Mick Santin
Heat 3 1st Steven McInnes 2nd James Usher 3rd David Eggins
Heat 4 1st Cameron Nixon 2nd Mick Santin 3rd Matthew Wright
Heat 5 1st Mick Santin 2nd Steven McInnes 3rd Jamie Usher
Heat 6 1st Adam Bailey 2nd David Eggins 3rd Warren King
Feature 1st Mick Santin 2nd Warren King 3rd Cameron Nixon
Limited Sedans
Heat 1 1st Graham O'Driscoll 2nd Shane Laurie 3rd Ivan Polson
Heat 2 1st Ivan Polson 2nd Nathan Glenn 3rd Chris Polson
Heat 3 1st Ivan Polson 2nd Michael Laurie 3rd Chris Polson
Feature 1st Ivan Polson 2nd Graham O'Driscoll 3rd Michael Laurie
AMCA Nationals
Heat 1 1st Geoff Hayes 2nd Paul Reeves 3rd Shane Newstead
Heat 2 1st Geoff Hayes 2nd Paul Reeves 3rd
Heat 3 1st Geoff Hayes 2nd Shane Newstead 3rd Paul Reeves
Production Sedans
Heat 1 1st Steven Quirk 2nd Quinton Clarke 3rd Mark Quirk
Heat 2 1st Quinton Clarke 2nd Jordan Biviano 3rd Mark Quirk
V8 Dirt Modifieds
Heat 1 1st Chris Corbett 2nd Andrew Firth 3rd Tim Luscombe
Heat 2 1st Andrew Shilleto 2nd Anthony Ashen 3rd Paul Booker
Heat 3 1st Tim Luscombe 2nd Andrew Firth 3rd Chris Corbett
Heat 4 1st Brent Hall 2nd Dallas Czerwinski 3rd Anthony Ashen
Heat 5 1st Tim Luscombe 2nd Andrew Firth 3rd Paul Booker
Heat 6 1st Anthony Ashen 2nd Phil McNamara 3rd Dallas Czerwinski
Feature 1st Andrew Firth 2nd Brent Hall 3rd Tim Luscombe
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