Speedway Officials

Promoter / Manager CBR Promotions
Secretary Cindy Corbett
Chief Steward
Time Keeper
Clerk Of Course Mick Corbett
Tower Steward
Flag Marshall
Pit Marshall
Pace Car Driver
Track Curator Mick Corbett
Lap Scorers
Track Photographer
Pace Car


Whether you’re a regular speedway patron or a first time visitor, we hope the following will assist in making your night an enjoyable one.


The Control tower is located on the Eastern side of the track and is where races start and finish.


The Pits are located behind the Control Tower. Race fans 16 years of age and over are welcome in the Pit Area at any time during the night. Pit Area tickets can be purchased at any time during the meeting. No alcohol is allowed and enclosed footwear must be worn at all times.


Access between the concrete safety fence and the spectator wire fence is strictly forbidden once the race meeting is underway. Patrons should not use these areas and should at all times adhere to directions given by track personnel and/or security.


Please use the bins provided to maintain the cleanliness of the grounds and assist in recycling the rubbish collected at each race meeting.


Toilets are located on the Southern Boundary and the Northern Boundary in the public area. Disabled toilets are located on the Southern side of the public area.


It is suggested that no food or drink be brought in. There is a shop under the Grandstand which will cater drinks, burgers, chips and much more. No glass containers whatsoever are permitted on the grounds.


Alcohol is not permitted to be brought onto the grounds. The liquor booth  TBA.

Motor sport is very dangerous and involves risks and dangers to participants and spectators. Section 74 of the Trade Practices Act (“the Act”) implies a warranty of due care and skill into contracts for the supply of services to consumers as defined in the Act. Where such a warranty applies it cannot be excluded. Subject to the provisions of Section 74 of the Act, if applicable, all persons entering this venue do so at their own risk and neither the owners or lessees, nor the promoters, sponsors, participants or other persons involved in any way in the running or promotion of any event or events at this venue (“the Promoters”) will be liable either in tort or contract for any personal injury, damage or loss of property to any person, whether caused by negligence of the Promoters or otherwise.


Vehicles are permitted to enter the car park on condition that Grafton Speedway is not held responsible under any circumstances . Vehicles should be kept locked and all valuables removed for your own protection.


For your own safety please keep behind the spectator fence at all times and adhere to directions given by track personnel and/or security.


Grafton Speedway is a family entertainment venue and anyone causing a disturbance will be promptly removed. The throwing of any object is an offence and offenders will be removed from the grounds and prosecuted.


In the unfortunate event of a rain-out, Grafton  Speedway will honour rain checks but will not refund any money. Your numbered ticket stub is your rain check. If your ticket stub is lost you will not be given a replacement rain check. A rain check will be honoured at the next equivalent meeting at Grafton Speedway. A rain-out is defined as five (5) events or less being successfully completed.


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